Confucius Institute at UCA promotes “Study in China”


The Confucius Institute at the University of Central Arkansas (UCACI) held a promotion of ECNU on February 21, inviting U.S. students to study in the Chinese university.

Zhao Gang elaborates on the living environment in and around ECNU.

Zhuang Guo’ou, U.S. director of UCACI, and his Chinese counterpart Zhao Gang, as well as Natalie Flemming, coordinator in charge of overseas study at the U.S. university, conducted a fact-to-face meeting with students of the Chinese class.

Zhuang gave a detailed introduction about the “Study in China” program launched by the institute, covering ECNU curriculum, the annual number of applicants and scholarship granted by China’s Confucius Institute Headquarters, also known as Hanban, to enrolled foreign students.

Zhao elaborated on the living environment in and around ECNU and encouraged foreign students to apply for the program.

Ni Anren answers questions about the cources.

Ni Anren and Jin Henan, two beneficiaries of the program, answered questions about courses, Chinese professors’ teaching skills and life in China.

Flemming gave further instructions on Chinese visa applications and scholarship application procedures.

UCACI has been maintaining a good relationship with ECNU, dispatching Chinese-learning students to the Shanghai university for summer camps each year. Last year, seven UCACI students came to ECNU to further study. Among them, Ni Anren was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Chinese-learning Scholarship and Overseas Study Scholarship, and was admitted for a half-year exchange program at ECNU.


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