Team of Prof. Liu Mingyao Finds Novel Inhibitor of Breast Cancer Metastasis




Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a world top peer-reviewed medical journal covering research in oncology, published Inhibition of Breast Cancer Metastases by a Novel Inhibitor of TGFβ Receptor 1, a research dissertation made by Prof. Liu Mingyao's team of ECNU's Institute of Biomedical Sciences.


With the world's sharp increasing cancer incidence rate, the cancer incidence and mortality in China become more and more serious. It is estimated that by 2030 about 1.32 billion people in the world will have died of cancer, and a quarter of these cases may occur in China. To solve this severe situation, the team of Prof. Liu Mingyao, a member of national "Thousand Talents Program", have been devoting to oncology basic and metastases research for years.


Breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers and the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide. Approximately 23% (1.38 million) of total new cancer cases and 14% (458,400) of total cancer deaths in 2008 were from breast cancer. In this study, Prof. Liu Mingyao and his team members successfully found YR-290 is a novel inhibitor of tumor metastasis that works by blocking transforming growth factor beta ( TGFβ ) signaling pathways with well designed experiments.


According to international experts, the identification of YR-290, a specific inhibitor of TGFβR1, will play a very important role for finding safe and effective pharmacological agents for the treatment of cancer metastasis. The team of Liu Mingyao is furthering this study and will try to put their research results into clinical treatments in the near future.



Written by: Liu Jinyu


East China Normal University