ECNU Campus Theme Day makes debut


ECNU’S first Campus Theme Day was inaugurated simultaneously at the Zhongbei and Minhang campuses on March 15. For the occasion, the university suspended classes.

ECNU president Chen Qun and student representatives attended a lamp-lighting ceremony.

ECNU president Chen Qun lights the lamps with some students.

Featuring a summit, six forums and an 1,000-achievement exhibition, the event was held to drive home among students Shanghai’s goal to build itself into a globally influential science and technology innovation hub, and inspire their interest in making innovations.

Young scholars and exceptional students who started up businesses gathered at the summit, themed “Thinking Geeks in the Age of Singularity”, exchanging opinions about technologies, mind, and communities in the age of singularity by giving TED talks.

With a speech on cognitive computation reform, Pu Geguang, vice dean of the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, provoked further thinking from listeners about frontline technologies in the field.

Student representatives, including Shen Tao, a Ph.D. candidate with the International Relations School of the Russian Study Center; Guo Haijun, a Ph.D. candidate with the Institute For Advanced Studies in Education; Guo Heng, a Ph.D. candidate in theoretical physics with the Physics and Material Sciences School; and Shu Zhihan, an undergraduate with the Communication School, made speeches on transformation and integration of science and technology.

In the afternoon, celebrated scholars and experts gave lectures at a forum titled “Singularity Approaching - Thoughts, Technology and Our Future in an Era of Great Change”.

The lecturers included Prof. Adam Brandenburger from the University of New York, whose speech focusing on creation and innovation; Wei Shaonong from ECNU School of Design with a speech titled “Humanity Design in the Age of Technology”; Yu Nanping from the School of Advanced International and Area Studies with a speech titled “Choice and Future in Our Time”; and Lin Longnian, executive vice director of the Key Laboratory of Brain Functional Genomics, who gave a lecture titled “Decoding Brain”.

Tong Shijun, Chairman of ECNU University Council delivers a speech.

ECNU’S first Campus Theme Day fouces on technology and  innovation.

Also on the day, an exhibition was staged to showcase outstanding research achievements and science projects of ECNU teachers and students in the past three years.

Two more Campus Theme Day, “Reading” and “Arts”, will follow on April 13 and May 12.


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