Lecture on China's ecnomic miracle attracts intl. students


International students attend the lecture How the Chinese economic miracle is created.

THE lecture How the Chinese economic miracle is created took place in the Science Building at Zhongbei campus of ECNU on April 4. It was one part of a series of lectures launched by the School of International Chinese Studies and School of Marxism of ECNU called “Telling Chinese Stories to International Students”.

Addressing a widespread international audience, Yin Desheng, dean of the Economics School and vice head of the Faculty of Economics and Management, set the record straight about the economic takeoff in the past 4 decades of China’s opening up to the international community.

Yin went through the 40 years leading up to when China became the world’s second-largest economy, unscrambled its economic achievements from an international perspective, and predicted the trend of its future development.

In plain words, Yin concluded that it is China’s reform and opening-up policy that unleashed the economic miracle: agrarian reforms have benefited people in rural communities, enterprise reforms have led to further growth in the economic activity, and the financial and fiscal reforms have led to a rise in capital funds. Moreover, China has opened its markets to technology and capital, which has increased the level of economic activity in various sectors of the economy. The next round of opening-up will focus on a global configuration of elements, he said.

Prof. Yin sets the record straight about China's economic miracle

Launching activities to better acquaint international students with China last year, the School of International Chinese Studies and School of Marxism of ECNU have organized writings and speech competitions on learning the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, including  social practices for international students in cities of Ningbo, Shaoxing and Xi’an.

The “Telling Chinese Stories to International Students” lecture series is being carried out to promote the understanding of China’s economic conditions, reaching out to international students about the progress China has made since the open-up and reform policy.

The topic selection of the lecture series was based on a questionnaire filled in by international students, and thus cover a wider range of topics about Chinese culture, including “how the Chinese miracle is created”, “Chinese exploration of modern governance”, “What is China’s new era”, “The green concept” and “The beautiful China”, “The wisdom of Confucius”, “China’s Handicraft Art”, “The wisdom in Chinese characters” and “The vocal expression of Chinese wisdom”. 


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