2013 Shanghai’s Education Persons of the Year Selected


On Jan. 26 night, the awarding ceremony of 2013 Shanghai’s Education Persons of the Year was held at Shanghai Education Television Station. 10 persons including Prof. Yu Lizhong, former ECNU president and Chancellor of New York University Shanghai, won the honor. The ceremony also set a special part to pay tribute to Prof. Xu Zhongyu of ECNU and Prof. Fan Xuji of Shanghai Jiaotong University, two renowned centenarian professors in the city.


Yu Lizhong is awarded as one of the 2013 Shanghai's Education Persons of the Year.


Yu Lizhong was honored for upholding his educational beliefs of “making the world of your major” in exploring the way of international cooperation in higher education reform. As the first Sino-US joint university, NYU Shanghai has been a focus of the public since its establishment was first approved by the Ministry of Education in January 2011. Yu has served as the first Chancellor of NYU Shanghai since April 2012. In August 2013, NYU Shanghai saw its first new students. In the past year, NYU Shanghai caught much attention from the media and made good social impact for its particular methods of management, students’ cultivation and international cooperation.


Shanghai’s Education Persons of the Year was co-held by Shanghai Education Journal, Shanghai Education Television Station and Foundation of Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Teachers, and supported by media including Jiefang Daily, Wenhui Daily, Xinmin Daily and Shanghai Morning Post.

Written by: Liu Jinyu


East China Normal University