2014 ECNU Spring Festival Gala Held


2014 ECNU Spring Festival Gala is held.


On the night of Jan.27, the Spring Festival gala for students staying on campus for winter vocation was held at West Dining Hall of Zhongbei Campus and Dongyue Canteen of Minhang Campus. More than 830 students from home and abroad participated in the gala to celebrate the coming Spring Festival with University leaders and teachers.







During the gala, students can enjoy delicious food and wonderful performances, and receive gifts.


Holding Spring Festival gala for students staying on campus for winter vocation has been a tradition in ECNU for years. To bring more convenience for students living in both campuses, the gala was held on both Minhang and Zhongbei Campuses at the same time for the first time. During the gala, students could enjoy both hearty dishes and excellent performances. University leader including Tong Shijun, Chen Qun, Ren Youqun, Fan Jun, Yang Changli, Zhu Ziqiang, Guo Weilu, Sun Zhenrong and Mei Bing extended their new year’s greetings and sent gifts to these students. Besides that, every student attending the gala received 300 RMB lucky money and a gift bag filled with snacks.










University leaders send gifts and lucky money to students. 


On the afternoon of the same day, Tong Shijun, Chairman of the University Concil, President Chen Qun, and Vice President Guo Weilu also visited students’ dormitories on both campuses to see how students spent their winter vocations. They extended new year’s greetings and advised students to walk out of the campuses to know more local culture of Shanghai. During the visit, students from the Meng Xiancheng Academy sent their self-made paper cuttings to Tong Shijun and wished all ECNUers a happy new year.



University leadrs visit students' dormitories.


Every winter vocation, hundreds of students staying on campus because of various reasons such as job-hunting, lab work or internships. To ease these students’ homesick especially during the Spring Festival, the University holds this kind of gala for them every year. This year, the University also provides free hearty meals for students during Feb.1-Feb.5, the first five days of  2014 lunar new year.



Written by: Liu Jinyu



East China Normal University