Huang Xueyuan: Best Teacher in Students’ Eyes



Huang gives a lesson to students.


In the selectin of 2013 Best Teacher in Students’ Eyes, a yearly activity held in ECNU, Huang Xueyuan, a teacher of the School of Foreign Languages, won the honor for having selected as the best teacher by the University’s graduates for five consecutive years.


"Her gentleness impressed me deeply when I first came to her class. After several classes, I really like her pronunciation of German, which is native, melodious and rhythmic. She is so learned that she can easily find out apposite words to help us express our ideas in German as if there were a German dictionary in her head. What’s more, she often relates her perception of life according to different topics of texts. That makes her classes vivid and touching,” said Hang Lin, a senior of the Department of German.


Huang and her students.


Huang Xueyuan, born in a teachers’ family, had made up her mind to become a teacher even she was very young. After graduating from the Department of German of Tongji University with a master degree, she realized her ideal and became a teacher of ECNU.


Being a person with passion for excellence, Huang never stopped her pursuit for improving herself in academic and teaching. She went to Beijing Goethe Institute and the headquarter of Goethe Institute in Germany to accept systematic training for foreign German teachers for more than one years. Then, she studied two years in the Department of German Language of University of Oldenburg for Ph.D courses. After that, she came back to ECNU and continued her career of a German teacher with more academic accumulation and education experience. At present, Huang teaches courses including Advanced German and Selected Readings in Contemporary German Literature.


When she first began her teaching career, Huang liked to provide a vivid class to her students with modern language teaching methods in Western countries. With more experience, Huang often reconsidered her former way of teaching and draw the conclusion that it was a necessity to return to the tradition. That did not mean her class became old-fashioned and dull. Instead, she began to provide students classes with more depth and inspiration.



In her classes, students are encouraged to discuss and express ideas. “Ms. Huang’s classes always make me feel the time really passes quickly. We can participate in every section of her classes and we are free to express our opinions. ” said Hang Lin.



Written by: Liu Jinyu




East China Normal University