International Convention on Science of Learning Kicked Off in ECNU



Science of Learning Symposium is held on the first day of the conference.


International Convention on Science of Learning, organized by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, National Science Foundation (NSF), UNESCO, ECNU, Shanghai Normal University, and the University of Hong Kong, was kicked off in ECNU on March 1.


Laura Ann Petitto from NSF SLC makes a report on Visual Language and Visual Learning.

Roberto Lent from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro makes a report on Long-distance Plasticity in the Developing Brain


At the 6-day conference, experts and researchers from home and abroad would make extensive exchanges and in-depth conversations on the development of the science of learning (SL) to explore how to use the research achievement of  SL as a foundation to promote the reform of educational policy and practice.


Open Discussion:Technologies for Learning


At the Science of Learning Symposium held on March 1, experts and scientists from NSF Learning Science Centers, Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Hong Kong, ECNU, and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro exchanged their achievement in SL research and focused their discussion on the four topics, namely, “Social Influence on Learning”, “Language, Bilingualism, and Multi-Cultural Learning”, “Neuroplasticity”, and “Technologies for Learning”.


Soo-Siang Lim (R), Program Director and Chair of Coordinating Committee at NSF and Patricial Kuhl, Director of Learning in Informal and Formal Environments, NFS SLC, make opening remarks at the conference.

Ren Youqun, ECNU's Vice President & Vice Chairman of the University Council, delivers a speech at the conference.


The Science of Learning (SL) refers to an interdisciplinary field that works to further scientific understanding of learning as well as to engage in the design and implementation of learning innovations, and improvement of instructional methodologies. By integrating multiple fields, SL has extended beyond other closely related fields such as biology, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, sociology, computer science and pedagogy in distinguishable ways since its emergence in 1980s.


The organizing committee of the conference discussion issues of the conference.


As an emerging discipline with great development, the science of learning is continuing to be recognized as an innovative and influential area for education research and design. The Learning Sciences Center established at ECNU in 2006 has become an important place for the research of learning science in China.



Written by: Liu Jinyu


East China Normal University