Chen Jiang: Favorite Teacher of 2013 Graduates


Prof. Chen Jiang


Prof. Chen Jiang was recently awarded the 2013  “Baosteel Excellent Teacher of the Year” and ECNU’s “Favorite Teacher of the Graduates” for his vivid teaching with depth as well as his unique charisma.


As a teacher in Department of History, Chen always pays much attention to undergraduates’ teaching which he even weighs as his lifetime career. He advocates equality and communication between students and teachers. That inclines as teachers share with students their knowledge and experiences, students at the same time can help improve this process through their responses.


The students from Department of History portray Chen’s lessons as “inspiring” and “an enjoyment” since he always introduces the historical events comprehensively, not only from a synchronic but also a diachronic perspective, avoiding the spoon-feeding of events. His humor, tolerance and patience also receive high praise from students.


Regarding his new title of “Favorite Teacher of the Graduates”, Chen owes it to his students, “There are many excellent teachers good at teaching, and I am just the fortunate one that has been recognized by the students”.


Prof. Chen owes his new title of “Favorite Teacher of the Graduates” to his students.


Chen has always been having great interest in history, just as he once said, “History lies between literature and philosophy, which is the perfect combination of my passion and reason since I am neither as passionate as a poet nor as logical as a philosopher”. History has become his lifetime career since he first entered university in 1978. During the university days, he was deeply moved and much benefited by many profound scholars like Zhu Weizheng and Wang Jiafan, from whom he obtained diligent and exploring academic habit and under whose guidance he accumulated huge knowledge through many precious historical documents and research data. It is all those that makes Chen the excellent teacher today.


 “He is a typical scholar from south of Yangtze River with a history book in the left hand and a cup of tea in the right hand; he is also a true ECNUer with integrity and good skill of teaching,” said Chen’s students.



Written by: Shi Yangyang

Edited by: Liu Jinyu




East China Normal University