Physical Education Club Opens


The physical education club opens.


On March 24ECNU carried out a new plan of “physical education club” among undergraduates in Meng Xiancheng College to attract more students to participate in sports.


According to the plan, 8 sports clubs including basketball club, martial arts club, tennis club, etc. are opened to the 2012 and 2013 undergraduates (except PE majors ) in Meng Xiancheng College. The club members can choose the time and certain sports a week in advance through the online booking system ( They are supposed to exercise at least one time a week for at least 30 minutes each time.




The PE Club attracts more students to participate in sports.


Taking part in this club can not only earn the students 30 points for their extracurricular exercise and PE results but also provide them the opportunity to enjoy free training and free coach for some hot items, and even to take part in sports games of the city level.


 Taking part in the club activities can help students earn 30 points for their PE results. 


Apart from traditional organizing of sports, this new plan makes students consciously take part in sports regularly and enrich their exercising contents, let along the professional training which improves students’ physical quality, interests and enthusiasm in sports. It is confirmed that it will be carried out progressively among all students in the University.




Written by: Shi Yangyang

Edited by: Liu Jinyu



East China Normal University