Student Assistants to University President Begin Their Work


The 6 student assistants to the University President are chosen with strict selection and assessment.


On March 24, 6 student assistants to Chen Qun, ECNU President, officially began their work after nearly half a year preparation.


To promote the communication between students and the administration departments, the University decided to set the post of Student Assistant to University President last year. In October, 2013, the recruiting notice of Student Assistants to University President was publicized. After strict examination and assessment, 6 of the 75 applicants were finally chosen. They are Zhu Hongyan, Li Xiaomin, Yang Jinpeng, Wu Xiaolong, Chen Xile, and Meng Gang.


They will help President Chen Qun with works closely related to students, including teaching and research, logistics, health care, safety in campus, library, daily management and training of student teachers.


Student Assistants to University President, with a term of generally one year, bear the responsibilities in collecting students’ opinions, carrying out researches for would-be policies of the university, solving students’ problems, introducing university policies, etc. They have their own office on Minghang Campus in Room 211, Zone B of Students’ Activity Center. And they also have a website (, an office phone and an e-mail to help their work.



President Chen Qun and his student assistants.


On March 31, Chen visited them in Room 211 and had lunch with them. Chen expressed his welcome and wishes. The student assistants to the University President, also conveyed their determination in the future work. The meeting lasted for almost 2 hours.


In explaining the reason to set this post, Chen said: “Students are the main body of a university. We want to improve our works according to students’ opinions. This post is a bridge between students and the university administration.”



Written by: Shi Yangyang

Edited by: Liu Jinyu




East China Normal University