Zi Zang Releases Second Batch of Achievements


Zi Zang releases its second batch of  achievements.


The press conference of the second batch of achievements of Zi Zang, a large compiling project of ancient Chinese literature workswas held in Shanghai on April 12.


According to the conference, the achievements include 12 series of works such as Yuzi, Guan Yin Zi, Wen Zi, Zi Huan Zi etc, which have collected 672 kinds of works related to Zi Xue, the study of Chinese philosophers, from Pre-Qin Dynasty to the period of the Republic of China.



The press conference of the second batch of achievements of Zi Zang is held in Shanghai. 


Zi Zang, a major academic and cultural project in China, is organized and implemented by the Research Center of Pre-Qin Philosophers of ECNU and published by National Library of China Publishing House. It is a large consolidation of Chinese traditional culture and important ancient Chinese classic literature. Zi Zang is a repertoire of photocopying white texts, notes, and research monographs of philosophers of the Pre-Qin Dynasty to Wei Dynasty. It also writes a summary for each monograph, records life experiences of the authors, reveals the content, and explores the rheological conditions of versions. It mainly includes the contents collected by people before 1949 and moderately combines some literature unearthed by people of the contemporary period.



The second batch of achievements are mainly works of Taoists and Legalists.


In 2010, ECNU launched the compiling project of Zi Zang with universities and academic institutions from home and abroad. On Dec. 16, the first batch of achievements of Zi Zang was released in Beijing.



Written by: Yao Run

Edited by: Liu Jinyu





East China Normal University