Symposium on Translation of Contemporary Chinese Literature Held



"Mirror in Mirror: Symposium on Translation of Contemporary Chinese Literature" is held. 


On April 21- 22, "Mirror in Mirror: Symposium on Translation of Contemporary Chinese Literature" was held on Zhongbei Campus. Famous novelists including Wang Anyi, Yan Lianke and Bi Feiyu had face-to-face conversations with international translators of their works on contemporary Chinese literature and its translation.


Tong Shijun, Chairman of the Univercity Council delivers a welcome speech on the symposium.

Famous novelists and Sinologists exchange views.


During the symposium, the three novelists aired their own views on hot issues of Chinese contemporary literature and exchanged views on the translation of contemporary Chinese liter with Sinologists including SakaiHirobumi, Isabelle Rabut, Angel Pino, Ulrich Kautz, and Howard Goldblatt.


Sinologists air their views on the on the trasnlation of contemporary Chinese literature.

Wang Anyi, Yan Lianke and Bi Feiyu (From left to right) express views on “Chinese Contemporary Literature 'Go Out'”.

Howard Goldblatt, an American translator of numerous works of contemporary Chinese fiction, especially that of Chinese novelist and 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature winner Mo Yan, makes a keynote speech on contemparary Chinese literature.


Besides these noted novelists and Sinologists, participants of the symposium also included some experts of Chinese contemporary literature criticism and publishing circles, who discussed such core topics as literature, translation and communication with writers and translators in a multi-directional and multi-level way. Some experts and scholars of domestic universities and research institutions also expressed their own views and showed their latest research achievements in related fields.


During the two days, representatives and experts also had academic discussions on topics like “Chinese Contemporary Literature 'Go Out'”, “Re-examination of Mo Yan”, “World Literature with its Translation and Culture”, “Style of Translation and Translator's Subjectivity”, etc.



Participants of the symposium have interactions with the novelists and Sinologists.


With novelists, Sinologists, translators, critics and publishers gathering together, the symposium can be regarded as the first cross-bordered event in which the domestic first-line writers as well as their translators and critics had face-to face communication at the same time. The seminar was hosted by the School of Foreign Languages and supported by departments including the Publicity Dpartment, Scocial Science Department, Intenational Exchange Department, and ECNU Press.


Written by: Yao Run

Edited by: Liu Jinyu





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