Art Exhibition:Another Way of Teaching


On April 21, postgraduates majoring in traditional Chinese painting from Department of Fine Arts held the annual art exhibition of their own creations in the exhibition hall of the Department.



Paingtings of the exhibition.


In the title of “Source·Yuan——Growth”, the exhibition consisted of over 50 paintings by students from Graduate Studio of Traditional Chinese Painting. The paintings varied from landscapes, flowers and birds to figures, with both ancient and modern styles.


Ren Youqun, Vice President and Vice Chairman of the University Council, altogether with several other leaders of the Department, attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition. They affirmed the students’ hardworking and hoped the learning of ancient painting skills would make them capable of expressing the contemporary sense of values and ideas through their own paintings.


Prof. Wei Tianyu (Center) delivers a speech on the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Zheng Wen (Center) is the supervisor of the exhibition.

The exhibition attracts many students.


Associate Professor Zheng Wen, the curator and supervisor of this exhibition, said that the annual exhibition focused on providing a stimulus for students to think and find out the direction of their life as well as their art careers. Designed and planned by students themselves, this exhibition also promoted students’ study of painting. Not restricted by the theme of traditional Chinese painting, the works are full of modern elements and fashion.


Compared with the exhibition last year, it was improved greatly in the overall style, design and results. The beautiful layout and elegant color reflected students’ tranquil personality and focused state of mind.


Later that day, a symposium was also held with attendance of exhibitors and organizers of this exhibition to discuss on the innovations as well as some deficiencies of the exhibition.



Written by: Shi Yangyang

Edited by: Liu Jinyu




East China Normal University