ECNU opens first environment course on MOOC platform


The course of Observation on Environmental Issues  is opened on the MOOC platform.

ECNU School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences started to offer the course of Observation on Environmental Issues on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform on March 10.

The first MOOC course on environmental protection for a Chinese university, which is designed to help students get a better picture of current environmental problems so that they can take the right action to protect the environment, has drawn more than 1,600 students since it was launched one week ago.

More than 20 professors participate in the cource.

Words of “APEC blue” and “Spring Festival smog” were picked up again by the public recently as the annual sessions of China’s top legislative and political advisory bodies convened in Beijing. It is imperative to raise the public basic knowledge on environmental protection, or they could fall victim to malicious rumors.

The ECNU course is open to students of all majors and the general public free of charge, using popular and easy-to-understand language to educate on China’s environmental problems and environmental health.

The course was adapted from in-use courses of the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, which took six months to finish. The 1,500-minute course comprises 100 videos, each running 8-25 minutes. Among the lecturers are over 20 professors with the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, Shanghai’s environment policymakers, environment museum curators, technicians with environmental infrastructure construction companies and operators, as well as managers from environment investment and evaluation companies.

The course is sponsored by Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai Wujing No.2 power generation Co. Ltd., Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve, Yangtze Estuarine Nature Reserve for Chinese Sturgeon, Xupu Bridge Garbage Transfer Station, Zhujiajiao Old Town, and Coca Cola.

Anybody interested is welcome to scan the following QR Code to register for the course.



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