ECNU holds recruitment briefings in western US


FROM March 30 to April 4, ECNU held three recruitment presentations in the western coast of the United States at the University of California, Los Angeles, Stanford University, and University of California, Berkeley. It was the second stop of the university recruitment campaign to entice students from all over the globe.

Fang Ping,Deputy Party chief of the university introduces ECNU to students present.

This briefing in the USA attracted 120-strong doctoral and postdoctoral students.

The ECNU delegation was led by Fang Ping, deputy Party chief of the university, comprising  Shi Guoyue, head of the personnel department of ECNU, Guo Xiuyan, a professor with the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Prof. Yang Kai with the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences; Prof. Ye Haifeng with the School of Life Science, and Ren Yan, head of the Talent Introduction Office.

Shi Guoyue, head of the personnel department of ECNU, speaks at the meeting.

At the meetings, Fang brought the audience up to speed on the latest development of ECNU while Shi expounded the university’s “talent-friendly” policies before answering questions from the students.

They also held face-to-face talks with interested students after the meetings, inviting them to attend the Young Scientists (Scholars) Forum to be held in ECNU at the end of this month

Implementing the strategy of Bringing In and Going Out, the ECNU 2018 Global Recruitment Briefing Tour covers six destinations by which it hopes to augment academic exchanges between its teachers and worldwide counterparts. In effect, to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class university composed of a world-class teaching faculty.  


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