ECNU project wins first prize of Shanghai science award


ECNU Prof. Qian Weining's research team receives an award from the Shanghai government.

A project jointly undertaken by a research team led by Prof. Qian Weining with ECNU Data Science and Engineering School and several other partners received an award from the Shanghai government on March 23.

The project, Key Technology of Real-Time Analysis of Memory Data Management System Based on Cloud Service and Its Application, completed by Qian's team, Ucloud, State Administration of Work Safety Telecom Information Center, and UTest, won the first prize. It was one of the three ECNU projects honored at an award ceremony of Shanghai Science and Technology Prizes.

The other two ECNU winners of the research project were accomplished by the Computer Sciences and Software Engineering School and School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences. ECNU was the first institution to reach completion out of the three projects.

Prof. Qian receives the honor.

With the rapid development of Internet technology, the new economy is witnessing explosive growth and the traditional industries are experiencing short-term pains during transformation, which involve the handling of massive data. The capability to make massive data analysis conducted in real-time is the key to making full use of the data, increasing a company's competitiveness, and upgrading government governance. It is also a core high-tech feature in guarding against financial fraud, conducting government emergency response, and the application of data marketing and recommendation.

Aiming to solve query processing problems of massive data analysis in real-time, Qian's project focuses on the system architecture and realization of the memory data management system, real-time data loading, cloud computing platform optimization and systematic testing methods, including advancements in core technology innovations and novel applications.

Prof. Qian Weining is in the lab.

So far, more than 95 articles on the achievement have been published. The project has applied for 44 patent rights and is being used by more than 50,000 enterprises. The project is helping many banks and financial payment institutions with real-time financial risk control, Internet education, online advertisement, digital entertainment, Internet communications, science and technology research, and operation and maintenance of information systems.

It is believed to be of high economic and social value since it blazes a new trail in homemade core information systems. This kind of achievement has substantial implications for shaking off foreign IT firms who have monopolized the burgeoning sector in China. 


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