Park recitation interprets traditional Chinese culture


A recitation organized by ECNU and the Wujing Township Government of Shanghai took place at BinjiangPark in the town on March 26, aiming to carry forward traditional Chinese culture.

Students with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of ECNU chants “In the Center of Water”, a song of the Classic of Poetry.

Lin Muyin, a well-known anchorwoman of Shanghai TV news channel, recites the “Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion”.

Students from Wujing Experimental Primary School sing the “Rhythm of the 24 Solar Terms”.

Chen Xuan, a student from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of ECNU, performs Kunqu Opera “The Peony Pavilion”.

The event is organized by ECNU and the Wujing Township Government.

Local residents were treated to a magnificent show given by teachers and students from ECNU and WujingExperimentalPrimary School, who performed recitations, Kunqu Opera, chanting, dancing and folk music.

The event was part of a pyramid of cultural activities jointly launched by ECNU and the Wujing government in a drive to build the cultural brand “Cherry Elegant Assembly” for the town. The brand, which originates from the CherryRiver running across Wujing, also takes the meaning of get-togethers of refined scholars in ancient times.


East China Normal University