Think tank alliance set to boost Sino-Russian regional ties


The Think Tank Alliance of the Upper and Middle Reaches of China’s Yangtze River and the Russian Federal District along the Volga River was inaugurated at ECNU on March 26, which held its first forum on the same day.

More than 50 government officials, professors, scholars and businesspeople from six cities and provinces in the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River, including Gui Congyou, director general of the Foreign Ministry's Department of European-Central Asian Affairs; Vice ECNU president Wang Rongming; Feng Shaolei, director of Center for Russian Studies of ECNU, attended the forum, conducting in-depth discussions about the present situation and prospect of economic and social cooperation between the above mentioned regions of the two countries as well as priorities and future plans of the newly established alliance.

Proposed by the Center for Russian Studies of ECNU, a key research institute of humanities & social science of the Ministry of Education, the think tank alliance brought together more than 20 governments, research institutes, universities and enterprises, such as Wuhan University and Hunan Provincial Government Development Research Center.

China's first such alliance proposed by a university, it is supposed to provide intellectual support to collaboration between the regions along China’s Yangtze River and Russian Volga River in field trips, theory research, strategic planning and policymaking. 


East China Normal University