AEBS settles down in Zizhu International Education Park


The Asia Europe Business School (AEBS) is ready to set off in the Zizhu International Education Park,an education zone near ECNU’s Minghang campus.

The inauguration ceremony was held on April 8 with more than 200 officials, scholars and businessmen from home and abroad in attendance.

Among the guests' were Zhang Endi, vice chairman of Shanghai's top advisory body; Xu Tao, director of the Department of International Exchange & Cooperation of the Ministry of Education; ECNU president Chen Qun; Guo Weilu, vice director of Shanghai Education Commission; Yang Demei, vice head of Minhang District; Shen Wen, chairman and general manager of Zizhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone; Huang Zhen, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Gao Wei, assistant president of ECNU; Axel Cruau, French consul general in Shanghai; Bruno Bonnell, board chairman of AEBS; Bernard Belletante, principal of AEBS;Candice du Chayla, president of Nouvel Institut Franco Chinois.

Creativity, Co-creation and Cause-related Responsibility are the core values of AEBS. The school has a vision for the future global business leaders and ambassadors of the new Silk Road to combine Eastern and Western wisdom, use the best management practices, and take on a high level of social responsibility.

The ceremony initiated the launch of AEBS' official website and acknowledged the school's letters of employments to tutors. During the ceremony, AEBS also signed strategic cooperation agreements with SUMEC Capital, Neusoft Consulting Group, Joyu Group, BB Tree online education, Baume & Mercier and Nouvel Institut Franco Chinois.

After the ceremony another forum themed “New Mission of Business Schools in Emerging Markets Amid New Waves of Globalization” and a roundtable meeting. Prestigious experts and reknown businessmen exchanged views on the new missions and objectives of business schools amid increasing factors of globalization.

AEBS, created in 2015 with the joint-cooperation of EMLYON Business School and ECNU, recruited the first group of students for business administration. In 2016 the postgraduate program enrolled 53 students. In September of this year, AEBS' marketing department will make the program’s first enrollment of graduate students.


East China Normal University