University of Haifa delegation visits ECNU


Ron Robin, president of the University of Haifa, and Gustavo Mesch, rector of the university, led a delegation on a visit to ECNU on March 24. 

Tong Shijun, chairman of the University Council of ECNU, gave the Israeli visitors a hearty welcome, during a meeting, saying the two universities have solid foundation for cooperation. The establishment of ECNU-Haifa Transformation Science & Technology Joint Research Institute has unveiled a new chapter for their cooperation and makes an indelible mark on the cooperative development of Chinese and Israeli higher education. He urged the two sides to make concerted efforts to push forward the construction of the institute, which will face both opportunities and challenges in the first beginning years.

ECNU president Chen Qun retrospected last year’s March 24, an important day for the two universities. On that day, ECNU, Haifa, Shanghai Minhang District Government and Zizhu High-tech (Group) Co. Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation on ECNU-Haifa Transformation Science & Technology Joint Research Institute. 

In the following year, the two universities have reached consensus on details of the institute and clinched a milestone general agreement on cooperation for the institute, a stride forward in their drive to step up cooperation in cultivating high-level innovative talents and scientific research and achievement industrialization.

Robin and Mesch echoed their views. They said ECNU has been a highly valued strategic partner of Haifa and the institute will play a vital role in promoting higher education cooperation between China and Israel. 

In another meeting with the visitors, ECNU vice president Wang Rongming said the institute is a good example of intercollegiate cooperation and called on both parties to spare no effort to build the institute into a world-class one that can contribute to the goal of making Shanghai a scientific innovation hub.

During the visit, the delegation also met with international exchange students at ECNU as well as ECNU alumni, and made a tour to the under-construction building in Zizhu International Education Park that will accommodate the institute.

In another development, Gao Wei, assistant president of ECNU, and Robin went to China Scholarship Council on March 22 to apply for State grant for the doctorate program of the institute. Relevant officials confirmed the cooperation between the University of Haifa and ECNU.


East China Normal University