6 more ECNU professors crowned Yangtze River Scholar Award


SIX more ECNU professors found their names among the 2016 honorees of the “Yangtze River Scholar Award”. This award is distributed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and is the highest academic award granted to any individual working at the level of higher education.

According to the list, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature’s Prof. Zhu Zhirong was among the most distinguished professors to be awarded the “Yangtze River Scholar”. Meanwhile, several ECNU professors from other notable departments also received the “Yangtze Youth Scholars Award”: Prof. Wang Xiaozan of the School of Sports and Health; Prof. Chen Yun of the Department of Philosophy; Prof. Gao Shuanghu of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering; and Prof. Luo Jian and Prof. Li Dali of the School of Life Science.

ECNU university leaders meet the 6 new honorees.

A meeting between the 6 new honorees was conducted on April 13; in which, ECNU’s University Council Chairman Tong Shijun and President Chen Qun extended their utmost congratulations to them for attaining such an honor for the university. They also pointed out that the honorable recognition came with great responsibility, of which the the 6 winners were encouraged to make further contributions to the growth and development of their students and respective departments of ECNU.

At the meeting, the 6 honorees expressed their gratitude: “What we have achieved in recent years, could not be acknowledged without the significant support of the university.” They also offered their suggestions about the development of workforce talent and interdisciplinary exchanges for the future of ECNU.

The “Yangtze River Scholar Award” is the highest academic award issued to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education of China. The initial funding for this program was provided by the Li Ka Shing Foundation, with the goal of elevating research at Chinese universities to the highest levels internationally. The program began in August 1998. It was named after Li’s Cheung Kong Holdings. So far, 38 ECNU professors have won the award.


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