ECNU, Yancheng City forms Strategic Partnership


On April 13, ECNU signed a comprehensive strategic-cooperation agreement with Yancheng City in Jiangsu Province.

On behalf of both sides, ECNU president  Chen Qun and Mayor of Yancheng sign the agreement.

 Dai Liy and Yang Xuefeng settle another deal on educational cooperation.

The settlement will provide a type of win-win cooperation to serve as the impetus  for the mutual development of both parties. The outline of the agreement gives full play to the strengths of both of the university’s education system and utilizing Yancheng’s expertise in locating talent for cultivation in environmental policy research.

Tong Shijun (Center) meets with the Yancheng delegation prior to the official ceremony.

The agreement was signed during the ceremony at the Zhongbei campus by the ECNU president Chen Qun and Mayor of Yancheng. Meanwhile, the university’s Vice President Dai Liyi and Deputy Chief of the Chengnan New Area Party Working Committee of Yancheng, Yang Xuefeng, settled another deal on educational cooperation to which they agreed to link up with each other in promoting scientific achievements and training cultivation.

Tong Shijun, chairman of ECNU Council, also met with the Yancheng delegation prior to the official ceremony.



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