Global Forum for Youth Scholars held at ECNU


The forum attracts many top-ranking youth scholars.

ON April 27 the “ECNU 2018 Annual Youth Scientists (Scholars) Global Forum” was held at the ECNU Minhang campus. The forum brought together some of the world’s top-ranking youth scholars from 50 countries, 100 prestigious universities, and 131 research institutes. ECNU president & Party vice-chief Qian Xuhong, Academician He Jifeng, Yangtze Award-Winning Scholar Yan Guangcai attended the forum.

At the opening ceremony, Basking in the Great Love of ECNU, a promotional leaflet about the history and life at ECNU, was distributed to all of the attendees. Qian Xuhong expressed his gratitude to all of the international youth scholars in attendance, to whom he summarized the development of ECNU and its overall strategies to becoming a world class university.

Qian Xuhong expresses his gratitude to all of the international youth scholars in attendance.

Qian’s ideals were further elaborated on in the reports assembled by Qian Xuhong, He Jifeng, and Yan Guangcai who respectively took to the podium with their speeches, “Changing Your Perspective”, “Exploring Path for Talented Youth to Become Productive”, and “Career Development of Teachers at Research Type University”.

In the afternoon, youth scholars from diverse fields of academic studies were separated into small group discussions in order to exchange ideas and opinions with ECNU department representatives on pressing issues in science and academics. Afterwards, Shi Guoyue, director of ECNU’s Human Resources Office introduced current and upcoming policies regarding the development, cultivation, and mechanisms put it place to implement new HR initiatives.

After the forum, youth scholars visited Zi Zhu Park of Basic Education to get an inside look at ECNU’s advancements and resources in the field of basic education.

Youth scholars visit Zi Zhu Park of Basic Education

At the beginning of this year, ECNU launched an online registration platform for the 2018 Annual Youth Scientists Global Forum, effectively receiving 400 application forms. In addition, valuable recruits from 10 of the world’s most reputable universities were sought out to join in the international forum, in which 200 youth scholars from China and overseas were initially selected for consultations and inquiry. In the end, only 131 of the youth scholars were selected to officially join the forum.

Since 2016, the global forum for youth scholars at ECNU has been carried out. Moreover, it has become an invaluable platform for its educational strategies and practices to promote diversified and top-rate talents on the ECNU campus. 


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