ECNU’s canteen chef wins Shanghai’s Labor Medal


Liu Yuhong, a 43-year-old native of Anhui Province and director of the Huamin canteen at ECNU, was honoured the Shanghai government’s 2017 May Day Labor Medal for his diligence and innovational style in cuisine over the past 26 years.

Chef Liu makes his first signature dish in the year of 2013.

Liu Yunhong came from a poor family background, in a small city called Wuhu of Anhui Province, where he dropped out of school after finishing his elementary education to find a job outside of Anhui. He came to Shanghai at the age of 20 to begin work at a restaurant as a cook soon after his arrival. After several years of experience in the food industry, Chef Liu, took a job as director of the Huamin canteen at ECNU’s Minhang Campus in the year of 2000.


Liu Yunhong

He became well-known by his first signature dish in September 2013 - a kind of cuisine that takes corn and grapes then fries them together for a sweet, sour, and crunchy flavor. The new dish was immediately a hit once it became a selection on the campus menu. The recipe even attracted other restaurants and chefs from outside of the campus. “It was hot then and many students lost their appetite,” Chef Liu said. “So I came up with an idea to make some mild dishes with vegetables and fruits.” Chef Liu’s awareness of the students’ appetites during seasonal changes was certainly a breakthrough for his creative ideas in dish selection.


Chef Liu has created many dishes.

He has already created and patened other dishes at ECNU, for instance - fried dough sticks stuffed with eggs, sausage stuffed with shrimp balls, crisp banana, tomato stew with eggs and osmanthus blossoms stew with yam. These new items are also applauded by the regular customers who are always coming back for more of Chef Liu’s dishes.

Chef's Liu's dishes are applauded by students and teachers at ECNU.

He is the founder and mastermind behind many of the canteen’s most signature dishes, that’s why he is recognized by the students as ECNU’s ultimate “Chef-Guru”. Chef Liu’s motto is “Always striving for healthy food”.

The outstanding quality and creativity of Chef Liu’s cuisines also captured the attention of local media headlines, Jiefang Daily, Xinmin Evening News and Shanghai TV Station made special reports on Chef Liu, who has become an instant Internet celebrity among online fanatics alike.


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