Shanghai-HK Principals Forum, integration and cooperation


On April 28 and 29, principals from Shanghai and Hong Kong held a forum at ECNU’s Zhongbei campus to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese Mainland. The theme of the forum was “Sharing Development and Carrying on Innovation”. It was hosted by the National Training Center for Secondary School Principals of the Ministry of Education, and co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Greater China Association, Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Hong Kong Education Bureau.

The forum attracts more than 200 experts and officials.

More than 200 representative officials from various academic circles and other entrepreneurs from the two cities exchanged views on ambitions and improvements for state-of-art education reform, research achievements, and school management. The attendees also visited Qiyi High School, a century-old public middle school in Shanghai and an affiliated  of Tongji University.

The Ministry of Education’s National Training Center for Secondary School Principals was established in October 1989, entrusted to ECNU as the sole leader of its organization and implementation strategies, is the only State-level training agency for middle school principals in China, of which includes serving a national base for middle school principals in Hong Kong and Macao. Over the years it has teamed up with many of China’s education circles to host dozens of training programs for faculties of Hong Kong middle schools to which around 650 principals and education leaders have participated.

Experts and officials from both Shanghai and Hong Kong exchange views on the forum.

The National Training Center joined hands with ECNU to set up the Training Center for Hong Kong Secondary School Principals in 1997, the year that Hong Kong returned to the Chinese Mainland. The newly established center holds annual training seminars to boost understanding and cooperation among schools of both sides.

The Hong Kong Education Bureau and ECNU have maintained a very good partnership. They have cooperated with each other on educational issues since 2011. ECNU continues to expand its cooperation with several of the educational institutions in Honk Kong. For example, the Hong Education Bureau dispatches 174 middle school principals to attend the National Training Center every year.

 The National Training Center for Secondary School Principals provides a good chance for Hong Kong principals to know more about the primary education of the  Chinese Mainland.

The roots of ECNU-Hong Kong cooperation sprang in the 1980’s when Hong Kong’s entertainment tycoon and philanthropist, Sir Run Run Shaw (aliases Shao Yifu and Siu Yat-fu) with entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Tin Ka-ping made generous donations to ECNU for investment in infrastructure and scholarship awards for deserving students.

ECNU has already expanded its scope of cooperation with the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Education University of Hong Kong, respectively to promote academic exchanges, student exchange programs, and joint-training for graduate students. The work results of this cooperation has made profound contributions to the integration of Shanghai and Hong Kong schools most conducive to cultural and educational exchange.




East China Normal University