Outstanding youths and youth groups win awards


Several of ECNU’s youths and youth groups received medals in recognition for their outstanding talents. On May 3, at the award ceremony in Zhongbei campus, Fang Ping, chief deputy of the ECNU Patty Committee, announced the honorees of Shanghai’s May 4th Youth Medal and Touching ECNU Award  for 2016. The May 4th Youth Medal is the most reputable award for outstanding youths and youth groups in Shanghai. The award acknowledges their superior talents and skills. The ECNU Touching Award recognizes the university’s most inspiring role models.

Outstanding youths and youth groups win awards on the ceremony.

Liu Gang - chief deputy of the Shanghai Youth League Committee - granted Shanghai’s May 4th Youth Medal to the ECNU Youth League Committee, for their notable success in mentoring and guiding youth groups at ECNU, the honorees were grateful for the acclaim and support for their work. Some of the attendees of the award ceremony included Shanghai Youth League Committee Member and ECNU University Affair’s coordinator Xu Shu, ECNU president Chen Qun, and vice presidents Li Zhibin and Dai Liyi.

In addition to the model awards, the ceremony also conducted several other reward programs as well - the 2016 National University Entrepreneurship Competition Excellent Instructor Award and Excellent Organizer Award, the Excellent Organizer Awards of the 24th Daxia Cup Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works for College Students, and the 2016 ECNU Social Practice Program.

The 2016 ECNU Touching Award was awarded to six students and two volunteer groups. The individual winners comprised of Du Jinjin, a fourth-year math major of the Meng Xiancheng College; Ardak Arqing, a post-graduate Kazak student in the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences; Guo Haijun, a Ph.D candidate with the Education Faculty; Xia Yiwei, a senior student of the College of Economics and Management; Zhao Ping, a sophomore with the School of Sports and Health; and Wu Yuefei, a Ph.D. candidate with the School of Social Development. The team winners was the Alkaid Branch of the Star Volunteer Team with the Chinese Language and Literature Department, and the 31st China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest Volunteer Team.

Du Jinjin (L)

A student of Meng Xiancheng College, Du Jinjin once learned education and had teaching practice in the United States and Canada. His experience in the field was a catalyst in leading the Shanghai Jianping Middle School students to achieve higher scores in selected math competitions.

Ardak Arqing  (L)

Ardak Arqing, a kazakh girl student, who became a post-graduate student of ECNU after obtaining her bachelor's degree from Lanzhou University in 2014. She has made remarkable achievements in scientific research.

Guo Haijun  (L)

Guo Haijun, an ecology-undergrad-turned postgraduate student of education, is dedicated to scientific innovation and has already won many national awards for his work. He is also an avid promoter of popular science education and continues to make contributions to science education.

Xia Yiwei (L)

Xia Yiwei joined the army when she was a freshman in ECNU. After serving as a soldier in Jilin for two years, she now came back to ECNU to continue her study. Either in the army or in ECNU, Xia has won many awards with her diligence, ability and talents.

Zhao Peng (L)

Zhao Peng is an exceptional gymnast, he has already swept 26 medals at national and international events since he was admitted to ECNU in 2015; all of this despite a haunting Achilles tendon injury that almost ended his career.

Representatives of the Alkaid Branch of the Star Volunteer Team accept the award.

The Alkaid Branch of the Star Volunteer Team was named after the Alkaid star of the solar system. It is the final star in the handle of the Big Dipper astroid structure. The Alkaid Team was set up by  the Chinese Language and Literature Department, composed of their junior level students, the team has been the anchor for blind individuals, working with their vision-impaired classmates in every aspect of life.  

ECNU President Chen Qun presents the award to the 31st China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest Volunteer Team.

One of the honorees of the 2016 ECNU President Scholarship - Wu Yuefei - at the risk of her own life, went to the disaster-struck Ludian area in Yunnan Province  to engage in academic research. 

In the end, one of the most celebrated moments of the ceremony was the 31st China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest Volunteer Team, who took on the responsibility for a successful host of the Contest. It has been 30 years since Shanghai first hosted the event in 1987. 


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