International Students claim title repeat at home


The international football tournament is held at ECNU's Minhang campus.

ECNU’s International Students Football Team became 2-time champions of the 2018 Normal Universities International Student Football Competition on April 22 and 23. They ousted 5 other squads - Beijing Normal University, Central China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University and Southwest University - for a repeat victory.

ECNU’s International Students Football Team celebrates the victory.

The international football tournament, hosted at East China Normal University, was  composed of international students from six universities, of which competed for the title in a series of eight matches. The teams organized a total of over 70 students from 40 countries.

On the morning of April 22, the University president’s assistant Prof. Gao Wei, director of international education center Huang Meixu and staff from related departments of all universities attended the opening ceremony. Prof. Gao extended his warm welcome to all of the fans and wished everyone two wonderful days of sports and competition.

ECNU players are on the field.

After a total of 8 matches, the 12 international students from 8 eight countries of ECNU managed to achieve flawless victory in the tournament, with Central China Normal University taking second and Southwest University coming in third.

The Normal Universities International Student Football Competition started in the year of 2016, in which each university hosts the competition in rotation. The first two competitions were held by Southwest University and Beijing Normal University.

Communication across universities is carried out.

In light of competition scheduling, communication across universities, recruiting international students, and general affairs management,, all activities and coordination was successfully carried out. Although the Normal Universities International Student Football Competition is only 2 years in the making, it has already proven to be a very exciting tournament for international exchange and sports culture on campuses.


East China Normal University