ECNU teams up with MIT and UMass for science research


ON 28 April, Deng Shujin, Ph.D candidate at ECNU State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy, along with corresponding author Prof. Wu Haibin of the ECNU State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy, published their article  “Superadiabatic quantum friction suppression in finite-time thermodynamics” in the renowned international academic journal Science Advances.

Prof. Wu Haibin

Prof. Wu led a combined team of American and Chinese physicists from ECNU, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Department of Physics at University of Massachusetts, Boston (UM).

The research team experimented with friction-free superadiabatic strokes, with a trapped unitary Fermi gas as a working substance, so that they could establish the equivalence between the superadiabatic work and its adiabatic value. They probed the nonadiabatic expansion dynamics in an anisotropically trapped unitary quantum gas, which led to some of the key results.

The article is titled “Superadiabatic quantum friction suppression in finite-time thermodynamics” .

The experiments presented in the paper validate the suppression of quantum friction and enhancement of the mean work output in superadiabatic strokes. It also emphasized interactions propelled by quantum fluid as a working medium, the control of the finite-time quantum thermodynamics, and the use of STA to reveal the emergent scale invariance of a unitary Fermi gas. All of these research findings are essential to understanding more about physics and such experiments in the field.

Prof. Wu Haibin (left) and the first arthor Deng Shujin, Ph.D candidate(right)

For more about the research work of Deng Shujin, Prof. Wu and American physicists, click the link below to read the full story.


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