24 late ECNU scholars honored masters of social sciences


TWENTY-FOUR late scholars of ECNU have been elected to Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations first group of 68 Social Sciences Masters.

In order to mark the 2nd anniversary of the federation as well as President Xi Jinping’s speech to a symposium on philosophy and social sciences on May 17, 2016, the list of honorary scholars - consisting of 20 professors of ECNU - was made public.

They are Lv Simian, Liao Shicheng, Zhang Yaoxiang, Meng Xiancheng, Xiao Xiaorong, Yan Xinzhe, Hu Huanyong, Fang Zhong, Shi Zhecun, Li Pingxin, Wang Yangchong, Chen Biaoru, Li Chunfen, Wu Ze, Liu Fonian, Feng Qi, Zhou Yuanbing, Chen Xulu, Qian Gurong and Wang Yuanhua.

The other four are Wang Quchang, a professor of the former Great China University, one of the predecessors of ECNU founded in 1924; Wang Zaoshi, who taught at Kwang Hua University, the other predecessor of ECNU founded in 1925; Yang Kuan, a graduate of Kwang Hua University; and Gu Tinglong, a part-time professor of ECNU.

On October 16, 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) was established out of the Great China University and Kwang Hua University’s arts and science faculties, while incorporating some other departments from Fudan University and Tongji University to eventually become one of China’s notable universities.

This meeting marks the 60th anniversary of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations.

The Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations also paid tribute to some of the big shots in Shanghai’s social science community based on their contributions to the city’s development in social sciences after 1949. They must have lived and worked in local universities, research institutes or cultural institutions for an extended period of time in order to qualify.

These scholars belong to the longstanding tradition of Shanghai as a stronghold of China’s philosophy and social sciences and thus have earned their place in the academic history of China’s coastal city. In the future, more ECNU scholars will join the new wave of teachers elected for their achievements in higher education.  


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