Chongming and ECNU join hands to develop a world-class ecological island


East China Normal University signed an agreement with the government of Chongming District on May 14 to deepen cooperation in building Chongming into a world-class ecological island and promoting the university’s capacity in academic education and research.

The signing of the agreement marks a milestone for the development of both parties' development and our cooperation, said Tang Hailong, Party chief of Chongming District.

According to the agreement, the two parties will bring the university’s strength in international cooperation to the island to build up an international ecological institute in Chongming for the promotion of innovation of ecological technologies.

The university and the government will also jointly set up several other institutions, including a natural resource assessment and development center and a field scientific observation and research station for the Yangtze River Delta wetland ecosystem.

They are expected to provide support for thecomprehensive protection and administration of local natural resources, and the long-term observation and research of ecosystems in forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes and farmland.

In the education area, the two parties will cooperate in cultivating teachers, researching on teaching, building up internship bases for students and drafting plans to promote the establishment of a modern, international and balanced educational system. With strong strength in basic education resources, the university will help improve education quality in local schools.

The two sides will also enhance the training ofofficials and mutual communication. The university will create bases on the island for education, internships and innovation for students and post-doctoral researchers, which is expected to both improve the education quality of the university and prepare professionals for Chongming.

The university also signed contracts to launch cooperation with Chongming High School, the district’s water authorities, the environment protection bureau, the science and technology commission and educational authorities.

Source: eastday


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