Harmony and peace in calligraphy


On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, The George Washington (GW) Confucius Institute will invite Professor Zhou Bin, Director of China Calligraphy Education & Psychology Research Center, to present during this interactive lecture and workshop on Chinese calligraphy. The topic of the lecture is: Harmony and Peace in Calligraphy. This two-part event will include a 30 minute lecture, followed by 20-30 minutes for  a demonstartion and audience participation. 

Professor Zhou Bin

Director, China Calligraphy Education and Psychology Research Center

East China Normal University

Chairman, United Association of Calligraphy

Speaker Bio

Professor Zhou Bin obtained his Ph. D. degree in Literature from East China Normal University and his post-doctoral degree in Calligraphy Documentation from Zhejiang University. He is currently the deputy dean of Institute for International and Cultural Communication, director of Calligraphy Education and Psychology Research Center, professor and doctoral advisor of the School of Communication at East China Normal University.

Since 1993, Professor Zhou has received numerous awards including the Outstanding Contribution Award for International Communication of Chinese Language and Culture as well as the Calligraphy Art Award. His theses on calligraphy have won awards in the Global Calligraphy Forum. Professor Zhou is editor-in-chief of the Dictionary of Contemporary and Modern Calligraphers and Calligraphy Evaluation & Appreciation. He is also a co-author of Calligraphy – A Self-taught Course, College Calligraphy Course Book and A Brief History of Calligraphy.

Some calligraphy works of Professor Zhou.

As a prestigious professor and artist, Professor Zhou Bin is dedicated to international exchange of calligraphy culture and cross-cultural communication, with a mission to break down cultural and language barriers and connect people from different backgrounds around the world through calligraphy, one of the world’s long and great artistic traditions. He leads the first calligraphy class in the United Nations Headquarters and was praised by the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a “Master of Calligraphy” and an “Ambassador for Calligraphy”. Professor Zhou has held series of lectures and exhibitions across the East and West, including United Nations, Columbia University, New York University, State University of New York, University of California, The New School, State University of Pennsylvania, State University of San Diego, Humboldt University in Germany, Catholic University in Peru, Asia Society, China Institute, as well as institutions in Asia, Europe and America. His calligraphy textbook is adopted across the globe.

As an important envoy in international calligraphy education and cross-cultural communication, Professor Zhou has created a great impact with his academic activities to build a bridge of mutual understanding and mutual appreciation.  

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