Israeli Nobel-prize winner gives Internet lecture on innovation



  Professor Ciechanover gives an overseas Internet lecture.

On May 23, Aaron Ciechanover, an Israeli biochemist and winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, revealed some of the secrets to why Israel has become a leading nation for innovation and technology during an overseas Internet lecture for 50 Chinese and Israeli students.   

  Prof. Ciechanoiver interacts with the audience.

Prof. Ciechanoiver told the students at the lecture - 25 from ECNU at Zhongbei campus in Shanghai and 25 from the University of Haifa in Israel - that as a result of modern technological advances the average human life-span will be extended past the current mark. He also answered a variety of questions from the students, meanwhile encouraging them to pursue their life passion. 

Due to joint efforts from the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai, ECNU, and the University of Haifa, Professor Ciechanover's online lecture was delivered to the students in a most convenient setting. The lecture was held as part of a series of events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between China and Israel. 

  Nadav Zysblat

  Tong Shijun

Amikam Levy  

Amikam Levy, Israeli consul general in Shanghai; Nadav Zysblat, the deputy consul general; and Tong Shijun, chairman of ECNU University Council, were present at the lecture. Ron Robin, president of Haifa University, vowed to make unremitting efforts to build a comprehensive and integrated rapport between Haifa university and ECNU to promote Sino-Israeli cultural exchanges and further understanding of the development of higher education for the two countries. In doing so, the ECNU-University of Haifa Joint Translational Science & Technology Research Institute can act as a bridge to alleviate differences and welcome more cooperation.

ECNU and Haifa already have a long history of cooperation in scientific research. They signed an agreement last March to set up the institute, which is tasked to conduct in-depth research and projects in ecology and environment engineering, biology basics and medical engineering, neuroscience and brain science, and data science. The institute hopes to train high-level individuals in applied programs that possess a high capability of innovation and cooperation between China and Israel.

In a speech prior to Ciechanover's lecture, Chairman Tong urged both universities to seize this opportunity to refine the institute into a world-class structure that can achieve research collaboration for education and production, contribute to the Shanghai government's goal to make the city a hub for scientific research, and ensure common development for the cities of Shanghai and Haifa.






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