May Plaza Concert dazzles audience


Teachers, students, and nearby residents enjoyed an extravagant night of beautiful melodies and harmonies at the May Plaza Concert held at the square in front of the library at Minhang campus on May 25.

The concert performance was directed by Prof. Chang Lin of the Department of Music and performed by the ECNU Symphony Orchestra. The concert began with the song “Happiness of Snowflake” by the “Voice of Sakura River”Youth Choir. The song adapted from a poem written by famous Chinese poet Xu Zhimo was the perfect song to start the show. It put forth the kind of soft tones to settle the audience in for the night. The “Voice of Sakura River”Youth Choir was made up of more than 20 non-music majors who elected to take selective courses in music at ECNU. Many electives have been added to the music curriculum since it was established in last autumn.

The song was followed by “Guglielmo Tell” and some other Chinese and Western classic music played by the ECNU Symphony Orchestra. Later in the show, the ECNU Symphony Orchestra collaborated with the Opera Experiment Center to perform three classic operettas together originally composed by Johann Strauss II.

Trumpeter Ronnie Dale Ingle from the University of North Dakota-Grand Forks USA presented his version of the jazz-tune “You are My Only Love” while his side-partner, saxophonist Scott David Sandberg, performed the romantic and soothing tune “Fantasia” to the applause of the fascinated audience. 

Back by popular demand, the two American musicians came back to the stage for an encore to which they performed a special instrumental ensemble for the crowd. The closing moments of the final song inevitably received thunderous applause, followed by standing ovations from the audience who were blown away by the musicianship and sense of artistry emanating from the performers.

The finale of the show was led by Hu Chenyun and the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra who together performed the suona solo “All Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix”. The orchestration was propelled the concert to a climatic finish. Hu Chenyun has played this solo in more than 30 countries, which is one of China’s 10 most famous national instrumental-musical pieces. The song eulogizes the outstanding beauty of mother nature through its compelling melody - imitation sounds of a flock of birds - of which Hu’s performance left the audience in a deep and powerful trance.

The finale of the concert was performed by the ECNU Symphony Orchestra.

The annual May Plaza Concert has become a cornerstone for ECNU’s musical activities since it was first held in 2008.


East China Normal University