Outstanding faculty oil paintings and calligraphy displays at ECNU


20 April, an exhibition of the outstanding oil paintings and chinese calligraphy by ECNU faculty, called“Chinese Teachers’ Artistic Interests”, unveiled at the ECNU Zhongbei campus.

The openning ceremony of “Chinese Teachers’ Artistic Interests”.

Since 2016, East China Normal University has taken the lead among other universities in organizing classes for the university’s faculty based on their hobbies and personal interests. Drawing support from various departments, the school union began classes in calligraphy, oil painting, vocal music, piano, dance, yoga, Tai Chi and others. More than 1,000 faculty members have registered for these courses to date.

On learning calligraphy and oil paintings at ECNU, student representatives Meng Hui and Wang Wei admire the artistic freedom allowed for faculty, whereupon they have found new daylight to express their unknown abilities as hobby artists through these courses.

An exihibition of outstanding oil painting and calligraphy works by teachers is held.

Translated by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University