Convert academic advantage into teaching advantage: ECNU initiates international academic week


At the beginning of 2018, ECNU’s Education Department launched the international academic week project to further enhance the level of its internationalization, strengthen the in-depth multi-dimensional cooperation with top international universities, innovate in academic exchanges, and serve the purpose of talent training in education.

Director of the Education Department Yuan Zhengguo introduced the idea of international academic week, he said: the reason why we make great efforts to do this is to emphasize or reiterate that the cultivation of students is the first priority of the university and the first task of the education department. The influence of the education department in the international academic circle is rising, and the international academic resources are becoming increasingly rich. We should actively transform such academic resources and advantages into educational resources and advantages. Second, our educational philosophy is to cultivate future educational leaders and our students should have an international perspective. We ought to create various opportunities for them to communicate with students from world-class universities from the very beginning. In this case, our students can get to know their own advantages and gaps in the process.”

Geoffrey Cox, Deputy Dean of the school of education of Stanford university.

In march this year, Geoffrey Cox, Deputy Dean of the school of education of Stanford university, led 15 graduate students to East China Normal University for a one-week exchange with the graduate students of the curriculum section of the education department. The two sides had direct dialogues and debates on six major topics: teacher education, elementary education, principal training, extension education, vocational education and technology innovation.

During the week, there were various forms of communication, including theme reports and round-table discussions in the school, field visits and on-site discussions in primary and secondary schools and vocational schools, all the while upholding to the student-oriented principle.

On April 8th, Deputy Director of the project course of education department from Stanford, Xiao SiHan, sent a thank-you note, We all agree that this activity has greatly exceeded our expectations. It is a terrific opportunity for our students.

According to the outcome of the exchange agreement of this international academic week, ECNU Education Department will organize graduate students of the same scale to visit Stanford for 7-10 days in November this year. At that time, a new round of dialogues and exchange will be held in California.

Edited by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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