Student spends one year on ECNU’s starry sky


Each time you gaze up at the sky, have you ever noticed that the stars look different from how they were last time? Since they change so rapidly over time, has it ever occurred to you that you need a camera to remember the images of these beautiful star constellations?

Pan Chenhua, a Ph. D candidate at ECNU‘s School of Life Sciences, said that the answers to these questions are yes. Over the course of one year, he took a series of photos of the sky, dotted with several cylces of star-constellation structures over the beautiful ECNU campus. He recorded all of the ravishing sceneries of the distant sky, displaying its unique constellations which vary at different times and over different areas of the stratosphere.

Obtaining his bachelor’s degree at the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2014, Pan was admitted to the Brain Function Institute to pursue his master and Ph. D degree. Because of his love for photography and adept ability to capture the right images at the right time, he was recruited by the university’s publicity department to work as a part-time press photographer. He has taken photos for nearly 100 events, of which include the 10th Global Confucius Institute Conference, 31st China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest, and Senior High Student Summer Science Camp. We are glad to have such a bright and talented new member on our team. We hope that Pan’s work will continue to enlighten us, capturing all of the beautiful and inspiring moments that we can hold on to forever.





East China Normal University