Chinese pedagogy goes global


The English version of “ the Recurrence and Breakthroughs:Thesis of Life and Practice Pedagogy” makes its debut.

THE English version of "The Recurrence and Breakthroughs: Thesis of Life and Practice Pedagogy", written by ECNU tenured professor Ye Lan, made its debut on May 14. The book's Chinese version has been a hit in Chinese education circles since it was published in 2015.

At ECNU, the announcement of the English version of the book took place on May 14. The launch ceremony was co-organized by the Life and Practice Pedagogy Institute and Chinese Higher Education Press; an international symposium under the theme of Chinese Pedagogy Going Global was held simultaneously.

The launch ceremony is held in ECNU.

Among the members present at the ceremony were ECNU Party chief Tong Shijun, Jiang Hongbo, vice chief of the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Committee, Yan Zhenguo, dean of the Education Department of ECNU, and Wang Haiping, the department's Party chief. The symposium also welcomed educational researchers from home and abroad, including the United States, Canada, China's Hong Kong, and other notable university presidents.

Tong Shijun congratulates on the launch of the book's English version.

Tong started his speech by congratulating Prof. Ye on the successful launch of his book's English version, which he hailed as an inheritance of ECNU's excellent research tradition, an insight into contemporary situations of Chinese pedagogy, and an innovative work filled with Chinese characteristics of folk culture, learning and education practices, and Western science philosophy and Marxism. It is also the latest edition of Chinese pedagogy released to the outside world.

Prof. Ye delivers her speech during the ceremony. 

The following symposium featured speeches by Prof. Michael Connelly with the University of Toronto who wrote the preface for the book, Dr. Li Lijuan with the Education University of Hong Kong who translated the book, and Prof. Gerard Postiglione, chief compiler of the Brill Publishers and Chinese Educators Book Collection.

In his speech, Prof. Connelly narrated his friendship with Prof. Ye over the past 10 years, emphasizing his involvement in Ye's latest project based on basic education research and school transformation.

In his view, Ye's book is an interpretation of Western thoughts from a unique perspective - it points out that Chinese thoughts on education must remain independent and carry the uniqueness of Chinese culture. So in order to make a breakthrough in showing understanding and respect for Western thoughts, Prof. Ye unfolds to readers her own understanding of Chinese culture, philosophy and educational thoughts. He also believed the book will play an active role in enhancing intercultural exchanges.

The symposium was presided over by Li Zhengtao, a recipient of the Yangtze River Scholar award who headed the Life and Practice Pedagogy Institute. In his concluding speech, Li stated that the attendees have not only enriched people's understanding of Ye's work and hence the development of Chinese pedagogy, but will also contribute to the joint construction of a community of shared interests for education and education theory. Education reform and education theory construction are not only an issue for China, but also for the entire world, he summarized.

Ye's book addresses current issues and taps into new possibilities for achieving the goal of building a community of shared interests in higher education. More than 60 teachers, students, and researchers from the Life and Practice Pedagogy Institute attended the ceremony. 


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