ECNU Basic Education Group inaugurated


The ECNU Basic Education Group (BEG) was inaugurated on June 21, opening a new chapter for the University in the area of providing basic education services.

The ECNU BEG plans to take advantage of the university’s well-established foundational teaching practices, highly-acclaimed teachers’ studios and discipline curriculums across Chinese Mainland in order to achieve mutual benefits for all of its core members, i.e. the No.2 High School of ECNU and its subsidiaries. 

The BEG’s main aim is to increase cooperation and interactivity in the areas of curriculum-based education and talent cultivation. As one of China’s leading universities in teacher-training, ECNU has made unremitting efforts to promote and gain support for its basic education programs by building its curriculum base and allocating educational resources. 

“It is a new challenge for us to think about how ECNU can play a bigger role in pushing forward China’s education reform and social development. To develop our full potential as a comprehensive university that excels in teacher-training education,” president Chen Qun said at the inauguration ceremony.

 “The establishment of the base is a giant step forward.”According to President Chen, the BEG is expected to become a successful program owing to its advantages in innovative education research, classic teacher-training curriculums, authoritative teachers and as one of the leaders of basic education reform in China.

The BEG is determined to establish four education-based platforms - students, teachers, schools, and member schools - to increase cooperation and interactivity between them; simultaneously building a network for inter-school cooperation, setting up resource databases to display the quality of education, and establish a system for information-sharing transparency. Moreover, it aims to navigate between innovative ideas and practices for basic educational development, cultivate talent for basic education and provide resources to support the overall development of basic education reform.


East China Normal University