Zhou Bin lectures at George Washington University


Prof. Zhou Bin of the School of Communications and Director of ECNU’s Chinese Calligraphy Education and Psychological Research Center was invited by the Chinese Embassy’s Division of Education to hold a lecture to students at the Confucius Institute at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

He attended the event on June 13, where he delivered his lecture on “Harmony and Peace in Chinese Calligraphy” to an audience of local U.S. Officials and scholars alike. In his lecture, Zhou expressed his thoughts and ideas about peace in Chinese calligraphy, illustrating how art icons, the likes of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, absorbed elements of Chinese calligraphy into their own paintings.

Zhou even displayed some practical training during the lecture when he taught some of the U.S. officials and scholars the basic method applications to writing calligraphy. The content of his lecture was likely to broaden their knowledge about some elements of Chinese culture.

Chief of the Confucius Institute branch at George Washington University, Xia Wen Rong, hopes that more high-level cultural activities will take place in the future to increase Sino-U.S. cultural exchanges and mutual cooperation.

Prior to the lecture, Zhou visited the Division of Education at the Chinese Embassy, where he reported to Minister Counselor, Cen Jian Jun, about one of the Ministry of Education’s key projects in Philosophy and Social Sciences Research—“Theory and Practice of Chinese Calligraphy and International Communication” held at ECNU on June 2.

Minister Cen extended his acclamation towards ECNU for undertaking the main responsibilities and tasks of the project, emphasizing that it is certain to make valuable progress in theoretical developments and practical applications; to promote Chinese culture and calligraphy, as a means to expand China’s soft-power overseas.

Minister Cen also spoke highly of Zhous contributions to China’s national going-out strategy, through his work in recent years, spreading Chinese culture to students around the world.

Later on, in an afternoon meeting between Chief Xia Wen Rong and Zhou, the two exchanged views about instructing Chinese culture to U.S. officials as a way to spread Chinese culture throughout the U.S.A. Assoc. Prof. Ma Li of ECNU’s School of Communications was also present at the meeting which was held at the Confucius Institute of George Washington University in Washington D.C.


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