ECNU sets up first postdoctoral workshop-enterprise


On June 12, ECNU’s first postdoctoral workshop-enterprise was established by the University—ECNU-China Future Education Group (CFEG) Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workshop. The inaugural ceremony was held at the China Future Education Group’s headquarters in Shanghai. Zou Xiaodong, President of China Future Education group, Lin Feng, Chairman of CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd.,Mei Bing, Vice-President of ECNU,Yuan Zhen Guo, Head of Faculty of Education and Workstation Leader and Shi Guo Yue, Chief of ECNU Personnel Department attended the ceremony.

The ECNU-CFEG Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workshop demonstrates the type of structural features of University-led enterprises that are becoming increasingly more innovative in implementation strategies. For example, leaders of ECNU consider the ECNU-CFEG initiative as a necessary measure to implement the Strategic Cooperation Agreement and Education Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between ECNU and Future Education Group in 2016. This also symbolizes the beginning of closer cooperation between both of the institutions.

ECNU also intends to support the ECNU-CFEG workshop by allocating its superior educational resources from the variety of academic departments and disciplines, in order, to promote research and development and expand its influence in higher-education. ECNU also hopes that the workshop-enterprise will contribute to other forms of social affairs unrelated to education.

This kind of comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between ECNU and China Future Education Group increases mutual benefits for both of the institutions and facilitates their complementary advantages.

The China Future Education Group is an education investment platform under Hong Kong-listed CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. The CFEG not only specializes in high-end investment education—i.e., in areas such as scientific design, education investment, management and services. It also concentrates its efforts on science education research and STEM science-technology innovation education, among other foundational issues in education reform. Basic Education Schools, funded by CIFI Holdings, are becoming a modern phenomenon springing up all across China to the effect of promoting China’s education reform and global influence.  


East China Normal University