Commencement ceremony for graduating Class of 2018 held


The commencement ceremony for graduates of the Class of 2018 is held on Minhang campus.

On the lawn in front of the Minhang Campus libary, ECNU hosted its commencement ceremony for graduates of the Class of 2018 on June 14, to a crowd of university leaders, department chairs, teachers, and some of the parents and families of the 7, 059 graduates who attended the event.

The commencement address, with colorful quotes and frequent flashes of humor, was given by ECNU president Qian Xuhong, who is also an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In his speech, Qian addressed the students with inspiring words, stating that  happiness is achieved through hard work yet being confident in their life goals should not be understated.

President Qian inspires graduating Class of 2018.

“This year’s graduation ceremony is special in that it is the first held after the 40th anniversary of the resumption of the National College Entrance Examinations (marked last year),” Qian said. “I was one of the luckiest who realized their college dream 40 years ago. The resumption of the exam in 1977 generated passion of youths of my generation, changed the fate of countless people, and facilitated the reform and opening up with talent support.”

He continued to discuss the work ethic of ECNU teachers and students over the trajectory of his career at the university. “In the past 40 years, ECNU teachers and students have made unremitting efforts to build a well-off China,” he said. “Now it is time to pass that responsibility onto your shoulders. I believe like your predecessors, you will fulfill the mission and write a new chapter for your Alma Mater.”

Qian issues certificates of authorization for diplomas to representatives from all departments and colleges.

Qian also urged ECNU graduates to be daring in their responsibilities, modest in their attitude, to adjust their state-of-mind when facing obstacles, and foster their learning capabilities in preparation for the road ahead in life.

After the speech, Qian, who is also chairman of ECNU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, issued certificates of authorization for diplomas to representatives from all departments and colleges; a total of 366 students were awarded the title of “Shanghai Excellent Graduates of the Year” and another 387 achieved the title of “ECNU Outstanding Graduates of the Year”

366 students are awarded the title of “Shanghai Excellent Graduates of the Year”. 

In addition, ECNU top leader Tong Shijun honored 11 winners of the “Most Favored Teachers in the Eyes of Graduates” - a practice since 2001 for students at the completion of their undergraduate level classes to vote for their favorite teachers. The award only goes to teachers who have won the most votes for five consecutive years, thus clearly defining the most favored teachers among undergraduate students.

 Tong Shijun honors 11 winners of the “Most Favored Teachers in the Eyes of Graduates”.

Yin Desheng, a professor with the Faculty of Economics and Management and mentor of doctoral students, and Tian Peiqing, who entered ECNU’s Math Department in 1980 and is now chairman of Four Seasons Education Group, both delivered speeches at the ceremony. On behalf of the graduates, Zhou Jiahui, who will receive a bachelor’s degree from the Information Science Technology School this year, and Carlo from Italy, a postgraduate of the School of Advanced International and Area Studies, reminisced on their campus life, shared the experiences that it made it memorable, and expanded on their expectations of a future career.

Yin Desheng

Tian Peiqing

Zhou Jiahui


Meanwhile, 11 alumni among the 234 hired as the university’s Alumni Liaison Ambassador this year, received certificates from university leaders. There are currently more than 300,000 ECNU-educated people all over the world. Hence the university has set up 93 alumni associations worldwide and employed 1,178 Alumni Liaison Ambassadors, including residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

This year, 7, 059 students will graduate from ECNU.

Following photos with Qian, the students, and their parents, a grand evening party - in which a video was shown where graduate students were formally interviewed about their campus life and teachers - was played in addition to a variety of interactive activities culminating into a chorus of celebration. All partygoers were ecstatic to be present on such a joyous moment in the lives of ECNU's 2018 graduating class.


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