Tong Shijun attends China-Belarus Education Forum


Tong Shijun (L) attends the China-Belarus University Presidents’ Forum.

On 26 June, Tong Shijun,Chairman of ECNU Council, led an ECNU delegation at the  China-Belarus Education Cooperation Committee and the China-Belarus University Presidents’ Forum in Minsk, Belarus. At the forum, several high-level officials also attended to hear about the increased cooperation between Belarus and China, including Chinese Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng; Chinese Ambassador to Belarus, Cui Qiming; and the First Deputy Minister of Education (MOE) of Belarus, Vadim Bogush.

Tong gave a speech about the progress made thus far between the two countries in higher-education and made six constructive proposals to accelerate cooperation exchange.

Tong signs a cooperation agreement with President of Minsk State Linguistic University

This was the third session of the China-Belarus Education Cooperation Committee since its establishment in 2015. Last year, the members at the second session outlined a priority agenda for future cooperation.

Officials from both countries exchanged opinions on the status quo in education reform and the likely prospects for each country, respectively. Some of the proposals included international student exchange programs, foreign language curriculums, implementation of cooperation agreements and a declaration to hold a fourth session of the China-Belarus Education Cooperation Committee. 

Bei Wenli receives a certificate of honor from the Belarusian Ministry of Education.

At the China-Belarus University Presidents’ Forum, Tong signed a cooperation agreement with Natallia Baranova, President of Minsk State Linguistic University. Meanwhile, Bei Wenli, head of the Center for Belarusian Studies of ECNU, received a certificate of honor from the Belarusian Ministry of Education for his achievements in the field of Belorusian language and cultural studies.

Members of the ECNU delegation discussed about more co-opt projects during a visit to the Minsk State Linguistic University. The ECNU delegation also expressed its support to set up more Chinese language departments in Belarus universities. 

The delegation also paid a visit to Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University, at the same established a cooperation agreement signed by Chairman Tong and Principal Ru Ke.


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