ECNU Sub-camp of National Youth Science Camp ends


A total of 190 juveniles from all over the country took part in the one-week ECNU Sub-camp of the 2017 National Youth Science Camp from July 9 to 15.

In a highlight part of the event that last from July 11 to 12, the camp participants were divided into seven groups focusing on chemistry, physics, animal physiology, cell biology, earth science, environmental science and social science, respectively. The students found pleasure in various exploration tests, including observing skeleton structure of plant cells through microscope, collecting water samples from the CherryRiver, and conducting experiments on chemical agents.

They were also shown around ECNU, which impressed them with serious and solemn academic atmosphere, and open and free academic ambience.

On July 10, they visited the State Key Lab of Estuarine and Coastal Research, State Key Lab of Precision Spectroscopy, Key Laboratory of Brain Functional Genomics, Key Lab of Speech and Hearing Sciences under the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Key Lab of Green Chemistry and Chemical Processes, and Shanghai Key Lab of Trustworthy Computing, marveling at state-of-art scientific research technologies and equipment in the labs.

On July 14, the students took a STEM quiz, which was held to test their comprehensive quality in science, technology, engineering and math with an aim to find out how the science camp has helped broaden their horizons and scientific understanding.

The camp was enriched by two lectures given by celebrated professors. In his speech, academician Chu Junhao discoursed on characteristics and trend of the intelligent era as well as composition and function of the intelligent system and its impact on manufacturing and social life. Prof. Zhou Bin with the School  of Communication delivered a lecture on Chinese calligraphy and diplomacy, introducing the role of Chinese calligraphy in building a bridge between Chinese and world cultures, as well as calligraphy categories of different races.

A tour to the ECNU History Museum acquainted the juveniles with the evolvement of the university, which grew out of the Great China University, Kwanghua University and St. John's University.

A quantity of cultural activities were also staged during the camp to entertain the participants. The fascinating performance of “Hostage” by Yangzhishui Drama Club exhibited glamorous campus club culture.

A gala, featuring a recruitment publicity film of ECNU and the campslideshows, lowered the curtain on the camp on the night of July 14.


East China Normal University