6 ECNU teachers win fund for Distinguished Young Scholars


On 17 August, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) awarded six ECNU professors with the 2017 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. According to the latest list of honorees released by the NSFC, ECNU ranks 13th among China’s universities of professors whom were selected for the award.

The ECNU winners are Wu E with the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy; Xia Jianyang with the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences; Chen Shiyou with the School of Information Science & Technology; Pei Hao and Jiang Xuefeng with the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering; and Luo Jian with the School of Life Sciences. Meanwhile, four other ECNU professors are currently on a waiting list that is open for public consultation.

In all, the winners from 152 universities in China will receive funding up to 1.3 million yuan for each project this year.

The NSFC (est. 1986) aims to promote and provide funding for basic and applied research in China, in order, to acknowledge the rapid growth of young talent, support science and technology personnel and maintain the growing trend of advancement, search, and innovation at the frontier of cutting-edge scientific inquiry and research.

Since 2016, ECNU has implemented a series of projects to encourage young scholars in science, such as organizing judge panels to evaluate in-development projects and offering one-to-one training to those models in need of improvement.



East China Normal University