Mingde Education Award Fund holds award ceremony at ECNU


The Mingde Normal Education Award Fund holds  its 2017-2018 award ceremony at ECNU.

ON June 11-12 June, the Mingde Normal Education Award Fund, accompanied with lectures, student association exchanges, and other student-led activities, held its 2017-2018 award ceremony set up by the China International Culture Exchange Foundation (CICEF).

The fund was established in 2011 with donations from Zhong Hande, a well-known Hong Kong philanthropist and chairman of the Zhong Hande Fund. It aims to support and award distinguished teachers of undergraduate courses, and students majoring in teacher cultivation of China’s 18 normal universities, all the while encouraging teachers to do their graduate work in the vast poverty-stricken areas of Western China.

This year's award went to 53 teachers and 4,909 students of the 18 universities, which has amassed more than 57.87 million yuan in donations benefiting 182 teachers and 22,652 students.

Representatives of the award winners receive the honor at the ceremony.

Under the theme “For Better Education” the award ceremony took place in the morning of June 11, attended by more than 300 people, including Guo Weilu, vice director of Shanghai Education Commission; Zhong Hande, chairman of Zhong Hande Fund; ECNU president Qian Xuhong; Wang Xuejun, board chairman of CICEF; Luo Jingfu, secretary-general of CICEF; and Lu Hongsheng, head of the Education Fund Management Committee of CICEF.

Guo Weilu, Qian Xuhong and Wang Xuejun delivered opening speeches, and Luo Hongsheng announced winners of the Mingde Teachers Award and Mingde Scholarship. Then, Zhong Hande, Guo Weilu, Qian Xuhong, Wang Xuejun and Zhong’s wife Gao Liting conferred medals and certificates to 20 teachers awarded the Mingde Teachers. The 20 students winning the Mingde Scholarship were also in attendance to witness the presented flags to the 17 universities that have established Mingde student associations.

A teacher winning the award expresses her feelings.

To a 300-strong audience, the ceremony was followed by the 2018 Mingde Teachers Award Winners Forum held in the afternoon, including Zhong Hande, Lu Hongsheng, and ECNU vice president Dai Liyi. The forum intended to provide an opportunity for teachers to share teaching experiences, expand the influence of the award, and encourage people to love teaching.

Launched in ECNU in September 2011, the biennial Mingde Teachers Award has been given to 12 ECNU teachers. They are Wei Baolin with the College of English Education, Zheng Yinda with the History Department, Geng Wenxiu with the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Gao Ning with the School of Foreign Languages, Lei Qili and Chen Hong with the School of Communications, Yin Xiaojian and Yang Jian with the School of Physical Education & Health, Ye Delei and Sun Binyi with the Faculty of Economics and Management, Ren Han with the School of Mathematics, and Luo Gang with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

Zhong Hande delivers a speech on the ceremony.

Zhong Hande, previously known as Zhong Jianguo, serves as chairman of the board for 3 separate entities - Hong Kong Hande Group Co. Ltd., the Zhong Hande Fund and the Zhou Guangzhou Fund. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) serviceman-turned-businessman is a native of Hunan Province and has been engaged in financial investment and resource development for more than 30 years. Moreover, he has financially supported a variety of education, science and technology, and health projects, devoted to promoting cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland in higher education, medical services and teachers' cultivations and talents.

In June 2011, he set up the Mingde Normal Education Award Fund, which consists of the aforementioned Mingde Teachers Award and Mingde Scholarship. To date, Zhong has donated over 110 million yuan to the fund, which has become the most substantial fund of its kind in terms of revenues. At present, all of Zhong’s donations have reached over billions of yuan.



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