ECNU welcomes 10,065 new students in fall 2017


ECNU welcomed 9,149 newly enrolled students from all over the world on September 10, indeed a perfect way to celebrate China’s National Teachers’ Day and officially kick-off the 2017 fall semester.

They are among the 10,065 total new students for fall 2017 including the 916 students from education, MBA and MPA programs who had registered during the summer.

The university’s new student orientation for freshman is designed to guide them in their transition to becoming an ECNU student to which many schools and student online communities posted “Freshmen Guidebook” via WeChat and microblogs in order to provide tips on registration procedures, tuition payment, green-channeling, campus map directions, dormitory facilities and campus dining halls.

On the morning of registration day, more than 200 volunteers served at the Shanghai Railway Station, Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai South Station, Jinshajiang Metro Station, Dongchuan Metro Station and several areas at Zhongbei and Minhang to guide new students to their proper destinations on campus. 

New students were relieved to encounter such patient and kind staff who really knew the ropes about how to help them get accustomed to a new campus environment; their enthusiasm and consideration truly warmed their hearts. 

ECNU leaders also visited the registration areas and dormitory units at both campuses including Chen Qun, Tong Shijun, Yang Changli, Fang Ping, Sun Zhenrong, Mei Bing, Li Zhibin, Rong Rongming and Dai Liyi. 

They greeted new students and families to honor their welcome to ECNU, expressing their foremost concern to ensure the students have a worthwhile experience at the university.

It is worth noting that many of ECNU’s facilities were renovated during the summer; repairs and add-ons were also made to Daxia Academy, Huanghua Academy, the College of Economics and Management and Meng Chengxian Academy, where many activities are held simultaneously within the community.

Campus renovations not only give students more opportunities to be involved with student activities but it also facilitates experimental learning with other students outside of the classroom setting.

The university also announced to new students from low-income families about the national subsidy policy, which provides financial support for those in hardship through scholarship funding and other charity based programs. Students were informed of these programs via WeChat, their admission letter notice and other ECNU telecommunication services. 

In recent years, ECNU has made efforts to reach out to more poverty-stricken families. For instance, during the summer vacation period teams were organized and then dispatched to rural areas to visit students and their families. 

One of the project’s intentions was to encourage them to heed financial support from the university to further their education.



East China Normal University