Asia-Europe Business School embarks on new journey


AEBS holds its opening ceremony for freshmen for the first time at Zizhu International Education Park.

ON September 16, Asia-Europe Business School (AEBS) held its formal opening ceremony for freshmen for the first time at Zizhu International Education Park near the Minhang campus.

New undergraduate and graduate students attended the ceremony from all over the globe to witness a new beginning since AEBS settled down in the park on April 8 of this year.

Tong Shijun, the University Council chairman of ECNU; Vice ECNU president Wang Rongming; Bernard Belletante and Tugrul Atamer, president and vice president of the EMLYON Business School; Zhou Yunxuan, chief of the International Exchange Division of ECNU; Yuan Zhigang and Yue Hua, director and Party chief of the Academic Committee of the Faculty of Economics and Management; Tang Jifeng, general manager of Zizhu International Education Park; Chen Qinghua, the park’s vice general manager; and representatives from AEBS and principals of famous Shanghai international senior high schools were in attendance. He Jiaxun, vice director of the Faculty of Economics and Management and Chinese head of AEBS, presided over the ceremony to usher in the 2017 Fall Semester as a fresh start for AEBS students.

Tong Shijun

Tong expressed his enthusiasm for the new semester with a warm welcome to all the students.

According to him, AEBS began to enroll graduate students last year while postgraduates were not contacted until this year.

AEBS has played a role in elevating ECNU’s national prestige in recent years - including Shanghai’s first- and Chinese Mainland’s fifth-rank according to 2017 Times Higher Education World University Rankings - to which ECNU is so proud of the students and faculty of AEBS for its contributions.

Furthermore, eleven of ECNU’s academic disciplines have entered the global top 1% this year, which ranks at 17th amongst Chinese universities. Instead of wallowing in the triumph of its success however, the university has put forth unremitting efforts to deepen reforms that enhance academic quality, with an aim at world-class status.

“I hope the favorable conditions the school has provided to you all can be turned into advantageous platforms for you to make more miracles and, these miracles, in return, will bring prosperity to everyone at ECNU,” Tong said. “In the following years, I hope you all can study in real earnest, showing innovativeness and enthusiasm in your work, utilizing knowledge that will push forward the progress of the times.”

 Bernard Belletante

Belletante also extended warm welcome to the new students and addressed the importance of educational diversity on university campuses.

“In AEBS, we have teachers from the East and West. It is not a problem, but a golden opportunity for you to get a better understanding of the world of diversity,” he said.

Belletante hoped the students will enjoy their experience at AEBS and work to become formidable assets to an increasing world of Globalization.

Yuan Chonggang

He Jiaxun

Liu Chenjun

Liu Chenjun, recently employed AEBS business mentor and president of Wyndham Hotel Group Greater China Area, advised students on how to handle themselves in a new era of increased competitiveness. The crowd was pleased with his skilled oratory which was captivating, full of inspiration and very timely.

The new student orientation lasted a whole week from September 10-16, of which comprised class meetings, meetings between postgraduate students and mentors, campus tours, face-to-face interaction with the president and welcoming parties. The events were designed to prepare new students for the academic rigor defined by AEBS’ thorough curriculum and field work opportunities and acquaint them to relevant campus resources. Family members who attended the ceremony were also invited to meet with faculty members, of whom answered questions on general concerns and on-campus facilities.

The  AEBS new comers participate in various activities during the new student orientation.

There was another notable event for the AEBS newcomers conducted by students of the Sino-French Experiment Class of 2016 Business Administration and Management.

In June 2015, ECNU signed a contract with EMLYON Business School to officially form Asia-Europe Business School (AEBS) as a co-establishment between the two institutions.

A year later, the first Sino-French Experiment Class of Business Administration and Management started to recruit students into its program. In 2017 Fall Semester the school welcomed 51 undergraduates and 13 graduate students who enrolled into the first Sino-French marketing bachelors and masters programs, respectively. Those students came from the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even countries such as Ukraine, France, Bolivia, Brazil, Yemen and Indonesia.

As of now AEBS is home to 113 students from 11 countries and regions.



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