Famous literary theorist Qian Gurong passes away


Mr. Qian Gurong

Qian Gurong, one of modern China’s most prestigious master’s of literary theory, passed away at Shanghai Huashan Hospital on September 28; his death was attributed to illness at the age of 99. The funeral service will be held at the Hall of Longhua Funeral Parlor on Oct. 2 at 10:00.

Mr. Qian, formerly named as Qian Guorong, was born in 1919 in Changzhou City of East China’s Jiangsu Province, a place located in the south to the Yangtze River and at the shore of Tai Lake between the cities Shanghai and Nanjing.

After graduation from the Literature Department of National Central University in 1942, Mr. Qian first worked as a lecturer and then subsequently as a professor at ECNU. Mr. Qian’s contributions to education are a result of his active dedication to his work in modern literary theory.Some of his merits included director of the Institute of Literature, chief editor of Practice of Literary Theory and vice president of Research Institute of Modern Chinese Literature.

“Literature is the study of man,said Mr. Qian, indeed a famous quote which has had a big impact on the study ofmodern Chinese Literature. It can be said that Mr. Qian’s devotion to literature and literary theory revolved around not only Chinese cultural influences but also encompassed the broader aspects of humanity.

Mr. Qian played a significant role in the study of literary theory and Chinese modern literature throughout his career. His classic works include On Literature is the Study of Man, Charm of Literature, Leisure Life and On Characters of ThunderstormIn December 2014, Mr. Qian was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the sixth Shanghai Literature & Art Awards.

The passionate ECNU professor and prestigious   literary theorist will be missed, yet the longevity of his work will live on to remind us of the legacy he left behind in modern Chinese literature.


East China Normal University