ECNU in national list of planned world-class universities


ECNU was placed on a list issued by Chinese authorities containing 42 higher educational universities in China to be developed into world-class educational institutions.  

According to the list released on September 21 by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, and National Development and Reform Commission, 42 of the higher educational institutions will be raised to world-renowned status - that is, ECNU remains as one of the increasingly influential universities in China. Another 95 institutions were designated to develop their preponderant disciplines into first-rate ones’ as well.  

This list evidently acknowledges ECNU for its notable achievements over the past years, although greater demands have been placed on the university for its future of development. At the same time, the university leaders plan to utilise its overall concept to keep up with advancements in academic research and education reform.i

ECNU also strives to elaborate on its ethics in education as the primary task for overall development. The university plans to achieve this through a variety of task reforms in order to adhere the concept of “CreativityCharacter, Community”.  

Meanwhile, to apply measures that display connotative development through high-quality education, the university will lay out comprehensive institutional reforms with dynamical innovations, advocate comprehensive reforms to vitalize the university; increase innovation capacities through interdisciplinary scholarship, expand and operate by way of transparent methods for development; accelerate and strengthen academic research by information fusion, and upgrade theories of cultural constructions to foster growth between faculty and students.  

Consequently, the university intends to promote three main principles in the processes of strategic implementations - interdisciplinary scholarship, internationalization and informatisation - to maintain its status as a progressive university.

ECNU will persist to be bold, taking the lead and carrying on a spirit of pragmatic values and innovation in higher education. Thereby to exercise an open and cooperative platform to build itself into a top rank university; in accordance with the initiatives already put in place.  

This is all in an effort to facilitate sustained contributions to meet China’s goal: To propel the country into a powerhouse of global higher education in effect to achieve the Chinese dream, which is to push forward a great national rejuvenation.


East China Normal University